Products and Gifts for Your Referral Partners

Thank you for visiting Solar Proud, where we teach you how to turn supercharge your solar sales and teach you and your customers to erase their carbon footprints and so much more!!

Solar Proud's professional solar sales training has an innovative approach to lead gen and solar sales that is both high-tech and well-grounded in tradition. We'd love to help you take your solar sales straight to the top!

Below is a list of the products that we currently offer.

Post-it® Notes customized for solar referral partners
Post-it® Notes
Customized for solar referral partners
Beer Can Coozie
Beer Can Coozie
Be the talk of every BBQ your referral partner has from now on!
Bumper Sticker
Custom Bumper Sticker
Just add your customer's QR code with your slogan!
Customizable Rectangle Yard Sign
Customized Yard Sign for your installs
Make the signs pretty, so they leave them up!
House Shaped Yard Sign
House-shaped Yard Sign
Photo-realistic solar panels help others realize what this sign is all about!!!!
Green Living Travel Mugs - Personalized
Green Living Travel Mugs - Personalized
Let them take your 'business card' everywhere they go!
Unisex t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Unisex t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Women's stylized t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Women's stylized t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Men's t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Men's t-shirt GOT SOLAR?
Car Magnet
Oval Car Magnet
2 Inch Square Magnet
2 Inch Square Magnet
You can put any image on this - including their own solar design...
Faux Wrapped Canvas Print
10 x 10 -Faux Wrapped Canvas Print
Mount a picture of them outside the house during their install...

Products for Your Business

Premium Face Mask
Premium Face Mask
3-Ring Binder
Look extra professional when canvassing
Folded Greeting Card
Personalized Greeting Cards
Great for "Thank You" Notes
Door Hanger
6 premium door hangers
Custom Rubber Stamp
Custom Rubber Stamp
Do It Yourself Mobile Ad | Your Logo Here Car Magnet
Do It Yourself Mobile Ad | Your Logo Here Car Magnet
Logo Simple Modern Professional Pedestal Sign
Trade show table top signage
CornerStyle: Square, Mounting Option: None, Size: Dynamic Foam Core Board
xxxx- Large Foam Core Board Sign - Trade Show Signage - xxxxxxx

What if you want us to help you design these products, then just fill out the form above and we'll contact you!

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Solar Proud works to educate, inspire and empower their students
to take their solar sales to a whole new level
using our proprietary lead gen and referral engagement processes.

If you want your solar sales to make a positive difference to the planet,
then use these ethical and innovative ways to engage and keep customers talking about you for years!

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