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Thank you for visiting Solar Proud, where we teach you how to turn supercharge your solar sales and teach you and your customers to erase their carbon footprints and so much more!!

Solar Proud's professional solar sales training has an innovative approach to lead gen and solar sales that is both high-tech and well-grounded in tradition. We'd love to help you take your solar sales straight to the top!

Below is a list of the products that we currently offer.

Books by EJ Thornton & John Clark Craig

Creative Lead Gen for Solar Pros
Fun and engaging new tools to get you many more solar leads
Supercharge Your Solar Sales
Learn the free Internet tools that enable you to take your business to the next level by helping get your referral business off to an amazing start!
Erase Your Carbon Footprint
Excellent gift for your homeowners who want to feel extra good about going solar or for a prospect who doesn't think their impact on the environment is significant
Sun Position
Learn how to program and calculate sun position so you can help reliably determine shading for homeowners and many other great applications.

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Solar Proud works to educate, inspire and empower their students
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If you want your solar sales to make a positive difference to the planet,
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